CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) turning center is a machining process which is used for shaping any solid material while it spins on a fixed axis. A turning center is used to remove material to achieve rotational symmetry, and can be done on both inside and outside surfaces of the part as required, while a cutting tool is traversed along its two axes. The cutting tools that are used in this automated process can be changed out automatically during the shaping of the part, to achieve the required depths and dimensions for the part.


       CNC turning centers are said to deliver repeated finished turned parts at a faster production rate with optimum manufacturing accuracy. The automation of CNC turning has a higher level of dimensional control and tolerance in every piece, along with part consistency or uniformity, decreasing cycle times for all components produced in this method. The turning process can also be done manually, but cycle times and repeatability of will become the variables.

        We have the ability to receive and work with AutoCAD, SolidWorks and Cam drawings.  We are also fully capable of receiving other source software such as Catia and converting them over to DWG or DXF files to be used on the production floor. This process of file conversion allows our machine operators to program any of their CNC machining centers to produce the most elaborate parts in the shortest possible time. Our full service CNC turning and precision grinding services ensure the shortest delivery schedule possible.


        This process allows metal parts with very close tolerances to be fabricated or finished. Precision grinding techniques include cylindrical grinding and surface grinding (also known as Blanchard or Mattison grinding). Grinding consists of using a spinning wheel made of bonded abrasive particles to remove material from the piece being worked, making it conform to specs.


       The grinding technician decides which grinding method is the right one for a particular part, based on the specifications and holding requirements for the piece. The technician will also choose the appropriate tool to give the surface of the piece being ground the correct shape, size and texture. Some factories have facilities to do grinding of this kind onsite, but in most cases they would be better off bringing their grinding work to the experts to take advantage of advanced equipment and expert technicians.

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